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LIBRA is a professional system that is specially designed for Hong Kong solicitor firms. It helps to organize every step in daily operations. It is not only an Accounting System, it serves for the solicitors, the clerks, and the messengers also.

The functions and layouts of LIBRA change everyday. Our customers tell us their new requirements and suggestions; enhancements are then made into the system. Therefore, the one who is going to'program'LIBRA is YOU, not our programmers.

You might not believe that there really exists a computer system that is 100% suitable for Hong Kong solicitor firms before you know LIBRA in depth. Call for a FREE demonstration now! You will definitely find it is fruitful and rewarding.

LIBRA 會計系統特點:
FEATURES 1 – Create File Reference and Client Statement

- Create Client Records and queries of Client Statement which show the immediate Cost (Professional Charges), Office Amount (Disbursement) and Client Amount Balance.
- Create Client Record under solicitor respective account and generate Client Statements.
- Easy retrieval of Client Information by Name, Solicitor or Matter Type etc.
- Generate Client Audit Report which shows balances of all file reference.

FEATURES 2 – Bank Statement

- Bank Accounts are handle separately.
- Show detail transaction of deposit, withdraw and client summary for each bank
- Generate complete listing of Bank Transactions, Bank Statement and Trust Fund List

FEATURES 3 – Time Sheet and Billing

- Time Sheet entry and link up with Time Billing.
- Record time consume and cost on client generate monthly report

- Self design Draft Bill format
- Easy retrieval of Bill Cost by Matter Type or Solicitor etc

FEATURES 4 – Cheque & Receipt Printing

- Cheque Printing for your banks current a/c
- Receipt printing with your own format

Document List
Journal List Payment Requisition list Receipt List
Draft Bill List Bill Book List Bill Settlement List

Client List
Client List Client Audit List Client Statement List

Bank List
Bank Statement List Trust Fund List

Settlement Report
Bill Settlement Report

Outstanding Report
Client Aging Report

Financial Report
Trial Balance Balance Sheet Profit & Loss

Management Report
Client Aging Report Cost Analysis Report
TABIS(達比斯)是一個專為旅遊行業編寫的多功能電腦系統,兼容旅行社職員日常運作及會計入帳處理工序。系統內存有大量參考資料總檔案及多功能(文件/票據) 搜尋功能,方便用戶更方便地管理業務運作和減省工作量和文書處理時間。例如:將所有不同的報表滙出至微軟Excel以方便統籌數據和建立多功能快捷鍵,希望用家可以更方便及快捷地完成工作。

超過8成客戶在系統介紹過後都會選用Tabis,在使用Tabis後亦感到業務運作更穩定和更有效率。同時系統能協助管理不同權限分佈,如有不同職級的同事可管理不同範疇,使分工上達至更完善的效果。由於Tabis功能齊備和操作簡易,有不少知名的旅遊同業也跟我們合作,為他們公司設立系統式運作和建立獨特的操作功能。例如:NetTravel, Eastrip, Hutchison-Priceline, Mango city 等等。在旅遊同業不斷給與意見和支持下,使我們更能了解客戶的需要。

Document Report
Invoice Report Exchange Order Report Receipt Report
Payment Report Credit Note Report Debit Note Report
Reservation Order Report

Outstanding Report
Outstanding Invoice Report Outstanding Exchange Order Report Outstanding Deposit Invoice Report

Booking Report
Booking Report Booking Budget Report

Sales Report
Daily Sales Report Daily Sales Report By Booking Sales Analysis Report
Sales Performance Report

Financial Report
Trial Balance Balance Sheet Profit & Loss

CLERP是一套全面的財務、貿易及生產管理系統,其功能和特性可滿足各大小貿易公司和工廠的需要,例如多公司、多倉庫、多貨幣和報表分析等。CLERP 高度集成了不同的模塊,如銷售、採購、倉庫、生產和財務等,令很多重複及繁瑣的工作都自動化起來。用戶因此可以增加工作效率及能夠對市場作出更迅速的反應。